Saturday Night Cosplay #2


Saturday Night Cosplay #2

Saturday Night Cosplay is an event held at GameGuys Warehouse over off of 45-South and Broadway. GamesGuys Warehouse is a gaming arcade with consoles, gaming PC's and arcade games. They also sell and repair retro systems and games. I knew places like this existed but I didn't know one was so close to where I live.

A bunch of people who went to Anime-No-Kon ended up going here afterwords where we hung out up until around midnight playing Cards Against Humanity. We are all terrible people.

Can I see your Phyco Pass?

She was a "fierce" storm.

Hey I know you two. You are the people with the box and the glasses and stuff....

If the Little Mermaid was from the hood. ;)

This is a very interesting computer setup. All of the motherboards are just out in the open behind plexiglass. It makes it very easy to maintain a lot of units.

Luffy gets a food prize. WINNING!

So, who gets the console?

I had a lot of fun here, I would like to come again. If anything just to play some more Cards Against Humanity.