Guild Charter 2018


Guild Charter 2018

What is Bonis?

  • Alliance Guild on Dalaran

  • Latin for “Good Times”

  • Adult 18+ (rare exceptions)

  • Annual Guild meetup

  • We enjoy our time playing together


Guild Expectations & Rules - (What is expected of you and others)

Guild Members

  • Positive attitude & respectfulness

  • Good fit for the guild


  • Approachable

  • Positive

  • Good communication

Common issues that won’t make you a good fit

  • Overly political / sexual comments

  • Argumentative or combative

  • Negative or poor attitude

  • Drama



  • Open for all social, pvp, and raid focused players.

  • Social includes D&D players


Guild Ranks

  • Membership based on tenure, outside of officers

  • 4+ year / 2 to 3 years / < 1 year

  • Inactive Status - “Not active for 3 months”

  • Ranks are adjusted quarterly

  • Raiders will be drawn from any of the ranks provided they are raid ready

  • Raiders will have our own chat channel for the raid and for discussions


Guild Leadership

  • Cheeto - Lead (Cheetopete#1164)

  • Lev - Lead (Lev#1846)

  • Grakus - Lead (Grakus#11144)

  • Infamous - Officer(Tarheel#11212)

  • Anolaszun -  Officer (Anolaszun#1423)



  • Discord

  • Website


Social Events (Always looking for ideas on this!)

  • Naked Run

  • Costume Contest

  • Bowling Pin jump

  • Scavenger hunt/puzzles

  • Weekly D&D


Raid Goals and Schedule

  • Maintain a positive & enjoyable raid atmosphere, while achieving AOTC every tier.

  • Two 3 hour raids (8-11p Thur-Fri)

  • AoTC within 8-10 weeks of raid release

  • Sign up for raids on the calendar - let team know if you’ll miss

  • Raid size can vary but looking for at least 20 players


Raid Expectations & Rules

Raid Leads

  • Officer rank

  • Personal skill / tactical sense

  • Good communication & judgement

  • Class knowledge

  • Decision focused on team success “What is going to make the group successful.”

Raid Members

  • Attitude & Attendance

  • wPerformance (mechanics & actual #’s, Ilvl doesn’t equal performance)

  • Preparation (Self improvement, gearing, class/spec research)

  • Focused on team success (ie: its not about you)

  • Respectful to the 20 other raid members

    • (see all the bullets above)

  • Common issues that will get you sat out

    • Underperformance / Unprepared (class knowledge, gearing, etc.)

    • Argumentative/combative

    • Negative/poor attitude

    • Consistent tardiness or other issues

Raiding on Alts / Changing Mains

  • Unless otherwise stated, main raid nights (Thur/Fri) are for main characters only

  • Alt raids are posted on the Guild calendar, and ran on off-nights

  • If a player wants to change their main, this will typically occur BETWEEN raid tiers or between expansions

  • The player is responsible for gearing their alt and ensuring it is ready to raid prior to signing up for Guild raids.

  • On a rare occasion, the Guild may request someone to change to a needed spec/class.  If a player changes to a needed role, the raid team will typically help them gear up.